What to Expect on Cascadia Inspired

Cascadia Inspired aims to help you find inspiration in nature and connect with other Cascadians by building a shared sense of place through nature and art. Here’s what you’ll find on the blog:

  • How To: life hacks for creatives and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Reflections: ponderings on creativity, wilderness, and active lifestyle
  • Playlists: a monthly selection of music inspired by the seasons, plus a matching cover
  • Excursions: photo slideshows of a natural area in the Pacific Northwest
  • Inspiration: examples by other artists, prompts, and seasonal PNW happenings
  • Nature Lessons: naturalist and conservation information
  • Local Bites: recipes and food inspiration for seasonal produce
  • Appreciations: thoughts on an overlooked or underloved aspect of nature or outdoors living
  • Motivation: encouragement to create

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