Textures of the Teanaway: Ponderosa Pine and Plants

teanaway forest

A glimpse of the forest on the Bean Creek Basin trail in the Teanaway.

Enjoy these textures of the Teanaway area of the Eastern Cascade Mountains of Washington State, free for artists and graphic designers to use in your commercial and personal creative projects (with attribution, see bottom of post).

The arid Ponderosa forests of the eastern Cascade Mountains remind this California transplant of the High Eastern Sierras. My first introduction to the Teanaway area was on a plant sketching expedition, through a Mountaineers native plants class, and I was bewitched. That day, we stayed at low elevation, but I ventured up the steeper path of Bean Creek Basin the day I took these texture images. We climbed through a lush creek ravine, up a sparsely wooded Ponderosa pine forest, then broke out into a more sub-alpine community with lupine carpeting the ground.

ponderosa pine bark

Furrows in this Ponderosa pine bark turn dark.

ponderosa pine bark

Ponderosa pine bark fractures into puzzle pieces, an ever-changing surface. Can you smell the butterscotch?!

ferns in the Teanaway

Ferns on the forest floor in the Teanaway.

lush vegetation by Bean Creek Basin

Lush greenery soaks in the sun at the base of the Bean Creek Basin trail.

grassy field blowing in the breeze

Grasses form fields under the Ponderosa pines.

pine needles on the forest floor

Pine needles make a soft tread on the Bean Creek Basin Trail.

weathered wood

Fallen trees bleach in the drier air of the Eastern Cascade Mountains.

weathered wood

Insect damage on a fallen tree in the Teanaway.

weathered wood

Faint insect trails form a maze on the surface of this grayed fallen log.

About This Texture Collection

This texture collection was photographed by Tracy Durnell in June 2016 on the (steep!) Bean Creek Basin trail in the Teanaway region of Central Washington, on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains near Cle Elum.


sealThe 9 texture photographs on this page by Tracy Durnell are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please feel free to use these photos for any creative work as long as you clearly attribute them to Tracy Durnell. If you use one of my images, please let me know in the comments section, I’d love to see your work! (Please do not resell the photos as-is, either individually or in a collection – I am sharing them for free to help other artists and designers create new work inspired by Washington’s amazing outdoors.)

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