Textures from the Subalpine Pacific Northwest

Art-Roundup-PNW-AlpineHigh in the mountains, it’s different. Wildflowers flourish in the cool wet air. Wood weathers to a moody gray-white, its stories writ in the scars on its skin. I’ve collected textures from the Teanaway area near Cle Elum, Denny Creek, and Snoqualmie Pass. These textural photos are free for use under a Creative Commons Attribution license (see bottom of page). Enjoy designing and creating personal or commercial work with these free textures of subalpine Washington!

gray and white striped weathered tree trunk

Streaked weathered tree trunk without bark

gray and white striped weathered tree roots

Weathered roots of a tree

White and gray wavy log section

Kinked, weathered log

Logjam texture

Burnished logjam at lake outlet

Dirty snow texture

Flecked icy snow

Texture with high alpine plants

High altitude low-growing plants

Dewy leaves and grass blades

Dewy leaves and grass blades

textural creased leaves

False Hellebore leaves with water drops

bleeding heart texture

A cascade of blossoming bleeding hearts

Bleeding heart texture

Lush bleeding heart foliage


The texture photographs on this page by Tracy Durnell are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please feel free to use these photos for any creative work as long as you clearly attribute them to Tracy Durnell. If you use one of my images, please let me know in the comments section, I’d love to see your work! (Please don’t re-sell any of these images, either individually or in a collection – they are intended to help artists and graphic designers create work inspired by our amazing Washington nature.)

More Free Textures for Artists and Graphic Designers

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