Playlist: Falling Leaves

Cover for October 2012 Falling Leaves playlist

Summer is undeniably gone. Although much of our Northwest forests are evergreen, we still have our share of deciduous trees presaging the slide from summer to winter as their branches turn bare.

This 2012 autumn mix sighs with nostalgia for summer. At first defiant, the mood turns to resignation as the shift proves inevitable. Indie rock, baroque pop, and britpop form a playlist seasoned with the joy of the brilliant colors, the excitement of change, the sadness of the last clinging leaves.

Celebrate the season and listen to the early fall Cascadia Inspired mix on Spotify (free, requires program): Falling Leaves
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Playlist: Darkening Mornings

Cover for Darkening Mornings Spotify Playlist

For me, summer ends when the mornings start to darken. The moody mornings signify fall. I’ve created a playlist with the ethereal darkness of early fall mornings, the sharpness of breath-steaming cool, the mute acceptance of the inevitable change in seasons. Glittery synthpop, mournful electronica, dark rock, atmospheric indie and orchestral pop.

Listen to the early fall Cascadia Inspired mix on Spotify (free, requires program): Darkening Mornings

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Playlist: The River in Summer

In early summer, the river surges from snowmelt, then lessens as the melt tapers off later in summer. Within the river, the flow crescendos from deceptively smooth but swift sections to cacophonous cascades of whitewater. I tried to match the varied tempos of the river with this playlist.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify for free (requires registration): The River in Summer

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The Sound of Early Summer in the Northwest

Hiking on a foggy day in June at Denny Creek in the Central Cascades

To me, early summer in the Pacific Northwest has a melancholy feel, simultaneously hopeful yet disappointed. It’s quiet and subtle but builds in intensity. I’ve created a playlist peppered with northwest musicians (*) that reflects that moody atmosphere.

Listen to the playlist on spotify (free, but requires registration): Early Summer in the PNW

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