Reject the Tasteocracy: Enjoy Your Own Tastes without Guilt or Discrimination

Haters gonna hate

Ignore the haters and allow yourself to be your own curator of what’s good.

One of my favorite songs, “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins, came on the radio today. After a moment of happiness at hearing it, I remembered how South Park had mocked it, and instead of enjoying the song I started brooding about cultural curators of ‘cool’.

We’ve all encountered it. You meet someone cool. Sussing each other out, you start chatting about music. Naming names. You mention that you like band X. He says with disdain, “Oh, you like that?” You get a sinking feeling as your cred sinks. It has been decreed by the tasteocracy: band X is decidedly not cool. You’ve missed your chance at membership in this social group.

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