Reassured by Life’s Resilience

Every day, I watch humanity exploit, exploit, thanklessly exploit the planet’s resources, and helpless tension burrows deeper in my mind. I fear that humanity will utterly destroy the planet through our entitlement and laziness. We show utter disregard to the planet’s non-human denizens, refusing even modest accommodation for the sake of profit and convenience. We blink not an eye at the extinction of a species brought about by habitat destruction from human development, shrug our shoulders at the daily destruction of rainforest to accommodate grazing land for cheap beef.

We ignore the big picture and permit the erosion, piece by piece, of habitat. What’s one more house, one more street? What difference can one small wetland make? Our perceptions cannot encompass the compounding effects of development on a county or watershed scale, and certainly not at larger scales like the country or continent. Continue reading