Blogs for Creatives to Read in 2013

Looking for new writing to inspire you in 2013?

Here are a few blogs by creatives I’ve been enjoying:

  • terribleminds by Chuck Wendig — epithet-laced motivational writing for writers
  • Shaden Productions Blog by Brooke Shaden — musings on art and being an artist by a fine art photographer
  • 99u by Behance — helping creatives achieve their goals
  • The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau — living life according to your own dreams, not society’s standards

For wilderness, I’d recommend:

  • Inside the Mountain’s Skin by Mary in Oregon — writing about her relationship with wilderness
  • Semi-Rad by Brendan Leonard — reflections on adventuring and living a fulfilling life through the outdoors
  • The Printed Land by Ian Hill — writing about landscape and experiences in the countryside

And here’s my favorite Cascadia Inspired writing from 2012:

What have you been reading lately? What would you recommend to read in 2013?