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What is Cascadia Inspired?

Cascadia Inspired is a blog devoted to helping you explore and preserve your wild home. Everyone can find inspiration in nature, whether to create, act, or simply live differently. This blog aims to get people outside and inspired to make art or take action based on their experiences in nature.

I am sharing my journey of deepening my creative and emotional connection to the Pacific Northwest (Cascadia) since moving here in 2008.

What You’ll Find on Cascadia Inspired

Topics encompass creative inspiration, outdoor lifestyle, and environmental conservation. Posts fall under several main categories:


  • Reflection: discuss ponderings on creativity, wilderness, and active lifestyle
  • Appreciation: appreciate an overlooked or underloved aspect of nature or outdoors living
  • Reading List: discover new books to read

Favorite Thinking Posts


  • Excursion: take a virtual trip to the PNW with a photo slideshow of a natural area
  • Inspiration: get inspired with art roundups and ideas for creative and conservation projects
  • Art & Graphic Design: original graphic design and art by Cascadia Inspired
  • Playlist: listen to music inspired by the seasons
  • Local Bites: get recipes and food inspiration for seasonal produce

Favorite Sensing Posts


  • How To: implement life hacks for creatives and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Nature Lesson: improve your naturalist skills, learn about PNW ecosystems, and get ideas for conserving your wild home
  • Motivation: find motivation to complete tough projects
  • Artist Resources: get free tools, like photo textures, for creating your own work

Favorite Doing Posts

Other Ways to Get Inspired

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About Tracy Durnell

Seattle-area graphic designer and SFF writer inspired by the Pacific Northwest, crafting a sustainable and intentional life.

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