Weekly Novel Progress: Week of July 10, 2017

Writing Stats for July 10-16, 2017

  • Starting word count: 144,583
  • End word count: 141,703 (removed outline docs, existing chapter 13 and prologue)
  • New words written: 2,048
  • Scrivener hours (per Rescue Time): 6 hours 45 minutes
  • Editing hours (estimate): 2 hours 50 minutes

status updates for the week

So close, but still not done with part one!

  • Revised Chapter 15
  • Wrote new scene for Chapter 13
  • Edited most of Chapter 5 (on paper)
  • Rewrote Chapter 9

Writing Practice

Gave the new coffee shop another shot, with the addition of biking there :) Also went to another writing meetup that I hit a few times a year.

Still need to figure out where to write on Thursday afternoons. Attempted to do a smidge of work at the local library but it’s not a comfortable workspace and I wound up writing emails instead.

work Plan for Next week

  • Outline and write remaining scene for Chapter 6
  • Fill in small gap in Chapter 15
  • Revise Chapter 10
  • Write remaining scene in Chapter 13
  • Review outline of Part Two

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Seattle-area graphic designer and SFF writer inspired by the Pacific Northwest, crafting a sustainable and intentional life.

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