Is location a self-fulfilling destiny?

I’m in the process of buying a house – something I’ve been putting off for quite a while, now, as my partner and I debate where to live.

Sure, we know we want to live in Washington State. But where in Washington?

There are so many possible ecosystems in which to make our home. Do we belong to the sea or the mountains? Given we can only travel so far in a day, we must choose our daily habitat.

Where we live is a framework for the structure of our lives. What is nearby? How long does it take to get to the places I go frequently? Where do I want to spend most of my time?

Is location destiny?

How much are our lives and characters shaped by our daily environment versus our weekend environment? How much can two days of seven really count for?

How much should we bend our souls for work?

Both my partner and I feel a pull towards the mountains, a rip tide of the soul we’re trying to swim out of – but don’t really want to. We want to live in North Bend, up in a mountain valley close to where we love to hike.

But realism has won – for now. We work in the Seattle area, on the Eastside, so we’ve finally decided to live close to work.

If I live in the suburbs am I destined to become a suburbanite, claiming to love the outdoors but spending only a couple weekends a year in the wild? Am I choosing a fate for myself without mountains? Or am I being wise in avoiding daily hour-each-way commutes while living close enough to the mountains to go there on weekends? I’m wagering on the latter.

I hope that there’s a happy ending in our love story with the mountains, that one day we will be united with the home of our souls and live in the mountains. If I keep hope for it in my heart, I can make it happen. I will.

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Seattle-area graphic designer and SFF writer inspired by the Pacific Northwest, crafting a sustainable and intentional life.

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