Fourth of July Menu: Picnic at the Park

Independence Day falls on a Wednesday this year, making big plans less feasible. Instead of going on a trip, I’m planning on having a picnic in the park using local, seasonal ingredients. Here’s my (vegetarian) Fourth of July menu for a fun afternoon in the park, including a main and options for salads, drinks, and dessert.


Corn blinis with dill sour cream dipping sauce. Omnivores and pescatarians could top with lox.


Coleslaw – spice up a traditional recipe with minced raw garlic and spicy mustard. Add some shredded raw broccoli stems to the shredded cabbage and carrot. For a more adventurous take on cabbage salad, try this cabbage peanut salad recipe. I enjoyed it with poblano peppers.

Fancy up a green salad – I recommend Boistfort Valley Farm’s beet and sugar snap salad.

Potato salad is classic picnic fare. Refine it for an adult crowd with a recipe like this caesar potato salad with sugar snap peas.

A black bean and fresh corn salad sounds refreshing too.


Carrot sticks and radishes dipped in hummus. Add crackers or pita bread for more substance.


Lemonade plus berry ice cubes.

Adults could partake of a strawberry watermelon cocktail. I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but it looks tasty!


Cherries! Bring a bowl to spit the pits in.

Although lemons definitely aren’t local, my independence day ‘tradition’ is these “Lemon Party” cupcakes. Delicious!

A local option is chocolate beet cake with peanut butter frosting.

Enjoy your local bites this Fourth of July! What are your Fourth of July plans?

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