Drawn from Nature: Deer and Elk Art

Stag before a mountain range and the northern lights

Northern Lights by Scott Hansen

Deer and elk seem tied to the cold seasons. Enjoy a roundup of modern, indie, and pop surrealist fine art inspired by deer and elk.

Deer whose antlers become a tree

I Am Shy But You Can Reach Me (T-shirt design) by Sara Musi (Washington artist)

Antarctic Suburban Outpost by Camille Rose Garcia

Cover art for album Pyramids by Pyramids

Deer at the end of the rainbow

Ergonine by Scott Hansen

Stag illustrated with swirls

Stag by Si Scott from his Silent Studios/Resonate collection

Deer in stylized Swedish forest

Iittala Satumetsa dinnerware line designed by Klaus Haapaniemi (I own one of the dinner plates and love it so much!)

Russian Fairy Tale illustration by Raquel Aparicio

illustration of a stag in robes

Mike Roberts

Two deer attached at the stomach

Michael Page from the Keep It Simple Group Show

Angry Buck with Cardinals on His Antlers

Romulus and the Crown of Thorns by Michael Brown

Fawn laying under dead snag

Fawn of War by Michael Brown

Dear mount with sails in its antlers

Savoy by Elizabeth McGrath

Antlers of two sparring deer weaving together

Weaving by Josh Keyes (Portland, OR artist)

Waking by Josh Keyes (Portland, OR artist)

flurry of bucks being exhaled by giant wolf mouth

Exhale by Josh Keyes (Portland, OR artist)

Papercut white stag

Expecto Patronum (zoom) by Brittney Lee

Deer walking with a lantern

Little Harry Closes In by Jody Joldersma (Seattle, WA artist)

The Shrine / An Argument by Fleet Foxes; Video directed by Sean Pecknold, animated by Sean Pecknold and Britta Johnson, and illustrated by Stacey Rozich (Produced in Portland, OR)

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