Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

illustration of slicing a butternut squashStumped about what to serve your vegetarian family and friends at Thanksgiving? Tired of serving the same things every year, and need some new ideas? I’m a little tired of stuffed squash myself, so I’m suggesting a galette or pot pie as the main course instead.

Here’s a vegetarian Thanksgiving menu with recommended recipes. Make the whole feast or pick some extra vegetable sides so the vegetarian at your table has some more variety ā€” they’ll appreciate it!

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The ‘7S’ Equation for Vegetarian Wraps and Sandwiches

Substrate + Substance + Stuffing + Salty/Spicy + Sweet + Spread + Special = Veggie Wrap

My equation for a stellar vegetarian wrap or sandwich.

Wraps and sandwiches are the ultimate outdoor food, but when I switched to a vegetarian diet, I found it challenging to find vegetarian wraps and sandwiches that I liked. Over the past seven years, I’ve developed an equation for creating yummy homemade vegetarian wraps every time: the ‘7S Sammie Equation’. Continue reading

Fourth of July Menu: Picnic at the Park

Independence Day falls on a Wednesday this year, making big plans less feasible. Instead of going on a trip, I’m planning on having a picnic in the park using local, seasonal ingredients. Here’s my (vegetarian) Fourth of July menu for a fun afternoon in the park, including a main and options for salads, drinks, and dessert. Continue reading