Cascadia Inspired around the web…and thoughts to mull over

I’ve been quiet here lately, but you can find quick thoughts and comments on the Cascadia Inspired Facebook Page, and visual inspiration on the Cascadia Inspired Pinterest account! Some of my recent questions (visit Facebook for the full context):

  • Do our cognitive abilities decrease with speed?
  • Is what makes us human that we want to be what we are not? (Inspired by this video of an eagle-eye view of flying in the Swiss Alps.)
  • Can all artistic movements be expressed in any medium, visual or not, or are some movements limited to visual means of expression?
  • Is some art inextricably visual?
  • Do you have any “creative traditions”?
  • Does your natural setting influence your perception of possibility?
  • How much does your natural environment shape your thinking?
  • Do you think animals have names for each other?

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