Art Roundup: Rabbits

Riccardo Zemo

Riccardo Zemo

In honor of Easter, this month’s art roundup features rabbits, interpreted by nine contemporary artists. Several species of cottontails, rabbits, hares, and jackrabbits — both native and introduced — live in the northwest. The pieces seem to be united with a palette of creams, gray blues, pinks, and grays. Some are expressive, others aloof or frozen as they watch the viewer.

Beth-Cevener-Stichter-BloomBloom by Beth Cavener Stichter (Washington artist)
Beth-Cevener-stichter-rabbiti am no one by Beth Cavener Stichter (Washington artist)
caitlin hackett - two rabbitsThe Warren’s Keepers by Caitlin Hackett
casualty - kate macdowellCasualty by Kate Macdowell
Hum - Chris BerensHum by Chris Berens
Michael Brown - DeuceDeuce by Michael Brown
twisted fate - dan mayTwisted Fate by Dan May
Ursula Vernon - second stripeSecond Stripe by Ursula Vernon
usagi - yoshima tsuchiyaUsagi by Yoshima Tsuchiya

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