Art Roundup: Bears

Bear on glass by Baso Fibonacci (Seattle artist)

Bear on glass by Baso Fibonacci (Seattle artist)

Winter makes me think of bears, even though they’re hibernating. Enjoy a roundup of artwork featuring bears by twelve different artists.

Dani Blázquez - ososOsos (detail) by Dani Blasquez

Kate MacDowell - onlyyoucanprevent_sideOnly You Can Prevent by Kate MacDowell

yong ho ji - bear 1Bear 1 by Yong Ho Ji

alexandra huard - bearRikimini illustration by Alexandra Huard (French)

bear with foxes - tanja stevanovicHedgehog’s House illustration by Tanja Stevanovic

beeching, alex - The_Constellation_of_the_Bears
Constellation of the Bears by Alex Beeching

wang, jen--bearbirdaltJen Wang

polar bear conundrum - dan mayPolar Bear Conundrum by Dan May

Dave Carney - Curious BearCurious Bear by Dave Carney

Scott-Hansen-ISO50-Bear-PrintUrsa minor by Scott Hansen

bear - Burton Snowboards - Claire ScullyBurton Snowboard bear by Claire Scully

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