Art for Conservation

Artists throughout Cascadia (and beyond) are creating art inspired by nature to promote preservation and appreciation of habitats and species. Support their efforts,  join them, or get inspired and launch your own art for conservation project!

Benefit Art Show

Pangea Seed Benefit Poster

Poster for The West Coast Migration art show tour

The West Coast Migration: an art show and film fest benefiting shark and ocean conservation, put on by the nonprofit group Pangea Seed. See the art in Seattle at Roq La Rue Gallery on July 13-15, and in Portland at Grass Hut on July 20-22.

Educational Outreach / Photography Project

Tadpole shrimp

Tadpole shrimp, photographed in California by David Hunter for the Meet Your Neighbors project.

Meet Your Neighbours: Photographers shoot common species from around the world in front of a white background to highlight local biodiversity. Audubon Magazine recently featured the project on their blog. Become a photographer for the project!

Art Book

Canada's Raincoast at Risk book cover

Book cover for Canada’s Raincoast at Risk

Artists for an Oil-Free Coast: In protest of a proposed gas pipeline on British Columbia’s raincoast, 50 artists gathered for two weeks earlier this summer to paint the the area, hoping to draw attention to the threatened wilderness. Their artwork is being collected with nature writing and poetry about the area into a 160 page book that will be available in November.

Wearable Art

Icarus by Susie MacMurray - ostrich feather coat

Icarus, an ostrich feather coat, was created by Susie MacMurray in collaboration with Jo Scorah for the WWF Pandamonium collection. Photo by Jim Naughton.

Earlier this year, the WWF commissioned “The Pandamonium Collection”, 17 pieces of wearable art inspired by wildlife. Pieces are up for auction through July 16. The WWF has videos explaining the inspiration behind some of the pieces.

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  1. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for spreading the word about MYN! We would really like to have more Canadians involved with the project. Photographers (both pro and amateur) and welcome to apply.

    If possible, could you please change the spelling of the project name to include the U in neighboUrs?

    Many thanks,

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