Textures of the Washington Coast: Ocean Shores and Cape Disappointment Beaches

foggy day at Cape Disappointment beach

Logs collect at the high tide mark at the beach at Cape Disappointment State Park.

Enjoy these textures of the Washington State coast, free for artists and graphic designers to use in your commercial and personal creative projects (with attribution, see bottom of post).

Washington’s Pacific coastline has sandy beaches, uncommon for those of us based in Seattle. The lapping, rising and falling water of the Pacific Ocean wears the sand into innumerable patterns: stripes, diamonds, ridges, ripples, triangles. Sand is dark, light, or mottled. Grains of different weights settle separately, forming patches of color and tone.

Ocean Shores beach sand texture

Waves leave an overlapping pattern on the sand in Ocean Shores, WA

Cape Disappointment beach sand texture

So many layers of textures in the sand – tones of light and dark, faint diamonds, poetic squiggles like icing.

Cape Disappointment beach sand texture

Subtle color variations in the sand create a visual rippling effect at Cape Disappointment State Park.

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You Matter. Your Art Matters. Take Care of You.

A couple months ago, a young girl came up to me and handed me a business card that said only, “You matter.”

I’d never met her before, and I haven’t seen her since, but I appreciated the reminder. Today, I’m here to remind you that, even if you feel like the world is ending, your art matters – and you matter. Consider this your virtual “You matter” card.

For many of us creatives, the weeks since the election have been emotionally devastating, and it can be hard to find the motivation and concentration to create. Maybe you’re even questioning what the point is of your creative project. With the way the world’s going, why bother?

But making art isn’t frivolous; it’s more important than ever to share the stories that only you can tell, because we all need to learn about people who are different than ourselves. As creatives, we can share our unique experiences and perspectives. Your voice matters. By creating, you’re showing the world that you know that. You won’t be silenced. You’ll speak up for people like yourself, and for people who aren’t like you.

It’s a brave thing you do, and vital.

You matter, and that means you need to take care of yourself, mind and body. As we head into the new year, practice self-care that will allow you to continue making your art: tend to your spirit, and be kind to your body.

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