Blogs for Creatives to Read in 2013

Looking for new writing to inspire you in 2013?

Here are a few blogs by creatives I’ve been enjoying:

  • terribleminds by Chuck Wendig — epithet-laced motivational writing for writers
  • Shaden Productions Blog by Brooke Shaden — musings on art and being an artist by a fine art photographer
  • 99u by Behance — helping creatives achieve their goals
  • The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau — living life according to your own dreams, not society’s standards

For wilderness, I’d recommend:

  • Inside the Mountain’s Skin by Mary in Oregon — writing about her relationship with wilderness
  • Semi-Rad by Brendan Leonard — reflections on adventuring and living a fulfilling life through the outdoors
  • The Printed Land by Ian Hill — writing about landscape and experiences in the countryside

And here’s my favorite Cascadia Inspired writing from 2012:

What have you been reading lately? What would you recommend to read in 2013?

Complete a Creative Annual Review to Improve Your Work

How-To-Creative-Annual-ReviewYour boss makes you do an annual review at work to make sure you’re doing your best and constantly improving — why wouldn’t you want to complete a review for your own creative work?

Every December, I set aside several hours (generally spread out over several days) to complete a personal annual review and a creative annual review and set goals for the following year, based on Chris Guillebeau’s method. This year I’m incorporating methods from Robert Pozen’s Extreme Productivity to organize and prioritize my goals. I assess all aspects of my creative life — creative work, process, skills, relationships, business — for what went well and what could be improved.

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