What to Expect on Cascadia Inspired

Cascadia Inspired aims to help you find inspiration in nature and connect with other Cascadians by building a shared sense of place through nature and art. Here’s what you’ll find on the blog:

  • How To: life hacks for creatives and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Reflections: ponderings on creativity, wilderness, and active lifestyle
  • Playlists: a monthly selection of music inspired by the seasons, plus a matching cover
  • Excursions: photo slideshows of a natural area in the Pacific Northwest
  • Inspiration: examples by other artists, prompts, and seasonal PNW happenings
  • Nature Lessons: naturalist and conservation information
  • Local Bites: recipes and food inspiration for seasonal produce
  • Appreciations: thoughts on an overlooked or underloved aspect of nature or outdoors living
  • Motivation: encouragement to create

Selling Your Creative Project: 5 Lessons from Sprout 8

I attended Sprout 8 over the weekend, a fundraiser dinner that provides a $1200 grant to one local artist, and a second, $600 grant. Over dinner, five artists presented their proposal in seven minutes, with access to a screen and sound system. Based on those presentations, all the people at the dinner voted on which proposal to fund.

Each artist had a worthy project, but each took a different approach to presenting it. I suspect that the presentation styles significantly influenced which artist received grant money. Whether you’re trying to win a grant for your creative project or launching a kickstarter campaign, there are some lessons to be gleaned from Sprout 8 about selling your creative project.

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Surviving a Huge Creative Project

Today I begin a massive creative endeavor; in November, I’m going to write a 50,000+ word novel. The fact that I’ve completed the project twice before does not diminish its challenge, but it does improve my confidence in my ability to finish. Last year I jumped in last minute (actually, a couple days late), and found it even harder, so this year I’ve been conscious about preparing. And preparing not just for the novel itself — plotting and planning characters and inventing 100 years of backstory — but also for the act of writing, and living while writing. My plan to finish this big creative project without my life falling into utter disrepair hinges on preparing for the worst by recognizing the points most likely to fail. (What can I say, I’m a Murphy’s Law kind of gal.)

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